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I will show You how to Harness your Mind & Body's Own Natural Healing Powers using Neuroscientific Principles in an Advanced Skin Systems Approach to help You Heal your Skin from the Inside Out

Improve/Resolve your skin condition but also raise your confidence and self esteem to help you generate a positive self image, whether you want to use this as an adjunct to complement whatever therapy you are using/treatment you are having or if you seek an alternative solution. I am Happy to Support You because This Is YOUR CHOICE.

These are just a few of the many conditions and problems we can work with. 

We target the way the mind and brain interacts with the endocrine/gut/immune systems and impacts on the skin.

Each person has a unique set of skin/body image problems that can affect them in different ways. Some conditions have the potential to heal completely, some can be controlled in such a way that triggers for flare ups can become limited.

There is no direct way to change the external appearance to solve your Body Image/Self Image Issues,

You must resolve this from the root by relieving the core issues that surround the event(s) that triggered you to feel such negativity to improve your mental wellbeing, inner confidence, and boost your self esteem 

so you can generate a Positive Self Image.

Facial Wash

Examples of

Skin Conditions

Uncomfortable Sensations eg.





Inflammatory Skin Conditions eg.





Autoimmune Skin Conditions eg. Psoriasis


Skin picking/Hair pulling


Medically Unexplained skin conditions

Image by Tim Goedhart

Examples of

Mental Health & Wellbeing/


Behavioural Issues 


Self Esteem*




Traumatic events

Obsessive thoughts/Compulsions


Triggers for Skin picking/Hair pulling

Friends at the Beach

* Also covered 

Body Image/Self Image issues

Body Dysmorphia







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