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Katy Win
The Mind Skin Coach
Leader of Tribal Bodies
Harley Therapies Limited
Enlightened Spirit Breakthrough Course Creator
Spiritualistic Advanced Survival Doctor/GP

  • MRCGP (Membership of The Royal College of General Practitioners)

  • MSc NeuroScience (King's Institute of Psychiatry)

  • MBBS, Medicine (St Bart's & The Royal London Medical School)

  • HEFAT, Hostile Environment Training Limited

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques Master Practitioner (Taught by the World Leading Teacher & Practitioner, Dr Michael Millet @ Elevated Therapy)

  • Neurolinguistics Programming Practitioner and NLP Life Coach (ABNLP)

  • Timeline Therapist (TLTA)

I am a Spiritualistic Advanced Survival Doctor/GP and my life has been full of wide varied experiences both personally & professionally that enables me to relate to and Coach people from all different walks of life.

In fact I am really not your Typical Scholar. I have a really special unique skillset that sets me apart from other doctors, coaches and therapists.

All My Life I Have Been on a Mission to Empower People to Raise Your Self Esteem & Confidence, To Liberate You to Live Life Freely in a Positive Way. I Will Stop at Nothing to Gracefully Help, Guide, and Coach You To Achieve All Your Goals and Break Down the Barriers that are Hindering You From Achieving Them.

I am a Highly Creative Artistic Trained Doctor/General Practitioner and have worked for over 9 years+ across the NHS. I aim to empower people and help them live optimally mentally and physically. My scope of practice is holistic and I take into account not only the physical and psychological condition, but also the emotional, spiritual and metaphysical state. I am skilled at utilising Emotional Freedom Techniques together with Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help You Break through the Barriers behind what is stopping You to achieve Your Goals to liberate You to Live Life Freely in a Positive Way.

I have over 5+ years Experience of Daily working with individuals with mental health concerns/needs, and am passionate about helping One Optimise Their Complete Mental and Physical Wellbeing. Whatever Your Needs are, whether they be: Skin/Mental Health/Psychological/ Physical Health/Lifestyle/Wellbeing/Fitness/Career/Life related issues or anything that concerns You that You need therapy and coaching on, I can Tailor My Guidance to You based on Assessing Your Needs and Barriers to Breakthrough/Limiting Self-Beliefs and utilise a combination of Emotional Freedom Techniques, designed to relieve You from the Root of the Issue, together with Consulting on nutrition, nutritional supplementation, fitness, any lifestyle issue, and product consultation if needed.

I Will Empower You To Feel Great and Amazing just the way You Want To Feel. I am Highly Empathic anI have a High Degree of Emotional Intelligence and the way I communicate is through Energy. I am Highly Artistic with a Futuristic Vision, being Incredibly Creative and I have a deep understanding of human emotion and human behaviour with the Ability to Coach and Consult that Drives and Achieves Positive Change.

"I believe anything is possible & I believe in the potential of every human"


My job is to help people harness their own potential, empowering them to raise their self esteem so they can go forth & achieve anything they want in life. I communicate through buzzing energy, compassion & positive intentions, and I can lift you up when you are going through the toughest of times.


Life is about learning and adding value to one another's lives. I'll always keep pushing myself to learn more mentally, spiritually, personally and professionally, because when I have breakthroughs this empowers me to energise more people and make a difference in more people's lives.


The Therapy Techniques & Coaching I employ with people are the very same ones that I have used and still use on myself. 

That's why I know they work and have the power to achieve anything.


I do this using an Advanced Skin Systems Approach that harnesses how to literally 'tap' into specific areas of the brain to target the Mind-Brain-Endocrine-Gut-Immune-Skin axis based on Neuroscientific principles. Such Positive Changes can be employed into any physical/emotional/psychological/physiological problem encountered in life. Because of my unique extensive skillset, knowledge and experience both personally and professionally, I know exactly how to utilise this into helping you achieve the results you desire.

The World Is An Invention. The Key to Optimal Life does not Exist as a Magic Pill. Many People Come From All Walks Of Life And Their Solutions Need To Be Tailored To Them. The "KEY" to Optimal Mental And Physical Wellbeing is to "RAISE ONE'S SELF ESTEEM".  When One's Self Esteem is High, One Naturally Finds The Answer.




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