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Updated: May 17, 2023


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"According to Dr Miguel Sánchez Viera and Dr Juliana Machado, the ‘main cause of hair loss in men is the so-called androgenetic alopecia, which affects up to 75 percent of men at some point in their life’.”

The correct term is Androgenic Alopecia and NO it certainly does not effect <75% of men during their lifetime, or women for that matter. This form of hair loss is actually quite RARE and is actually caused by overproduction of Aromatising Androgens and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) NOT Testosterone. Androgenic Alopecia hits people before the age of 30, so hair loss after this age is usually due to completely reversible causes.

Men would actually benefit from medically prescribed testosterone replacement therapy as levels start to decline with age from 40 years above, affecting energy levels, mental health and sex drive. This would actually benefit hair growth in men but the underlying conversion to DHT and aromatisation of androgens needs to be corrected first.

“In a joint statement, the doctors from the Institute of Comprehensive Dermatology cited that genetics is a leading cause, saying: "The vast majority of patients with androgenetic alopecia have a history in their family, although this is not a condition that occurs in all cases”.

State the Obvious. Complete total Bullshit. Genetics are not a leading cause of hair loss. Genetic conditions are rare, and it is totally obvious that even if people are affected by “genetic conditions” there is “a history in their family”.

Most cases of hair loss are caused by stress and problems with mental wellbeing impacting on stress levels. If you can control your stress levels, you will be able to reverse your hair loss.

“They said it is a "slow and progressive" form of hair loss where the hair loses thickness until it disappears and "bald spots become visible in certain areas such as the crown”.”

Well, what ‘form’ of hair loss is this that the hair basically ‘dissolves until it disappears’? Absolutely hysterical comment to make.

DUE DILIGENT BACKGROUND CHECK 1: There is no ‘Institute of Comprehensive Dermatology’ anywhere in the World. There are groups/centres/businesses that do use the term ‘Comprehensive Dermatology’ in their website name or website copy operating in different countries/states that are totally unrelated. What is ‘Comprehensive Dermatology’? According to one entity, known online as the ‘Comprehensive Dermatology Group’ this ‘particular’ field of Dermatology specialises in the “diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair, and nail diseases”, which to the rest of the world and legitimately trained healthcare specialists, is known as ‘Dermatology’ and the basic training of which should always encompass the assessment, diagnosis and Management of all skin, hair and nail diseases. Reference:

“Stress and anxiety are key factors behind hair loss, and Dr Cristina Pérez Castaño - a medical director at Aderans Bosley clinic - said stress can paralyse hair growth.”

“The health expert said: "Stress causes abnormal hair loss, even paralysing its growth and causing telogen effluvium (temporary hair loss) that, if not treated, in time, it can become chronic.”

I would hope that a doctor is actually a ‘Health Expert’, and yes untreated acute conditions can obviously go on to become ‘chronic’ if they are not self-limiting.

DUE DILIGENT BACKGROUND CHECK 2: “BioGraft is one of the most exciting innovations in hair loss solutions because of its potential to regrow hair and thicken existing hair with ‘two proven hair loss solutions’” states the medical director of Bosley, a company that is derived from Aderans Co. Ltd. originating from their head office in Tokyo. “Aderans Company Limited is the world’s leading provider of total hair loss solutions. It produces wigs and haircare products for men”

The “two proven hair loss solutions” which are apparently “exciting innovations” happen to be wigs and hair transplants.

"Its symptoms are excessive hair loss (more than 100 hairs per day) outside of a seasonal period on a constant basis for more than a month”.

What the hell has hair loss got to do with seasons?! Apparently this ‘Health Expert’ thinks we can lose more hair in Spring and Autumn! The Biggest Hysterical Hair Myth known to man is that everyone naturally loses 200-250 hairs per day. Even 100 hairs is too much. We should only lose a few hairs a day, not a handful. I am not sure how old wives tales entered orthodox medicine. Harsh chemicals from dodgy hair treatments that have invaded the hair salon industry in dyes and processes like Brazilian keratin straightening and perming, as well as being overly harsh with brushing and excessive washing, and using hair straighteners every day lead to major hair loss and irreversible damage till one grows their hair out/cuts the affected hair off. Hair extensions have ruined women’s hair integrity via hair loss and improper care of the natural hair and scalp that lies underneath, especially vast thinning out to blend the extensions in, harming the natural aesthetic appearance of the individual’s hair that they must continue to keep having hair extensions to maintain their ideal cosmetic appearance, at great expense financially and in time. “They recommend treating the loss with growth factors to reactivate hair follicles to normal activity, as well as ensuring proper capillary hygiene and good nutrition.” I hope they are not insinuating that people use ‘growth factors’ in the form of Growth Hormone, which without due medical reason can cause abnormal growth of organs, such as the heart leading to cardiac failure and increase the risk of tumour formation. What on Earth is ‘capillary hygiene’?! They probably mean the Bullshit trend that took over the world with ‘detoxifying our blood vessels’ claimed by ‘Expert’ Health Nuts, which happens anyway if you have good renal function and an intact glomerularbasement membrane in your kidneys. The main problem is TOTALLY BULLSHIT advice given by unqualified professionals in hair and scalp health and those that are masquerading as medical professionals in the healthcare and haircare industry, as well as FAKE RESEARCHERS which are obvious to spot because are they are ILLITERATE and cannot compose an article that logically makes sense. Also, another major problem is the totally NONSENSICAL explanations given to patients/clients about their health/skin/hair/scalp condition without accurate diagnosis and improper use of terms or lack of use of medical terms, the meaning of which and the physiological processes that preclude them explained in a clear, simplistic, logical, CARING manner. The “two proven hair loss solutions” which are apparently “exciting innovations” happen to be wigs and hair transplants. Reference:

“Some autoimmune diseases also cause hair loss, with the most common being alopecia areta, cutaneous lupus erythematosus and frontal fibrosing alopecia.. But treatment is not possible in these cases as, so far, there's no effective way to control it.”

Such Inherent Lies in this information. Alopecia Areata (not ‘areta’) is NOT autoimmune. It is a simple term for temporary hair loss of yet to be specified origin till one works out and treats the reversible cause eg. Stress, Nutrition, Bacterial or Fungal infection of the scalp. Fibrosing Alopecia can affect any area of the scalp and typically is caused by a very treatable fungal infection, but can also be malignant in origin. If this Doctor mentioned in this article only refers to hair loss on the head, then ‘cutaneous lupus erythematosus’ is not the correct term of an autoimmune condition like lupus that can affect the scalp, the key being in the term ‘cutaneous’ which means ‘skin’ ie. belonging to the face/body. "Identifying them correctly is the first step so that our patients do not waste their time and money on solutions that will not end the problem. In these cases, we offer aesthetic alternatives, such as micro-grafts or hair prostheses”. If they are referring to what is actually a hair transplant or wig, these are a means to an end and should be a last resort.

“Recent findings show one of the side effects of Covid is hair loss, which usually appears a few months after the virus passes.”

“Post-Covid alopecia affects more than 20 percent of people.”

“It also persists in a quarter of those who experienced hair loss after recovering from Covid.”

Absolutely nonsensical findings and no inherent numerical value applicable to any specified group of people with specified characteristics such as background health conditions, nor relatable to any particular group of people in any specified location of the world. There are NO viral causes or post-viral causes of hair loss and an incorrect labelling of hair loss attributed to Covid-19 is abhorrently vague and could lead to potential delay or loss of diagnosis of treatable serious scalp or hair condition/disease.

"Doctors Miguel Sánchez Viera and Juliana Machado said ageing is also a big factor in hair loss. The pair said it is known as “senescent alopecia, and it is directly related to age. Hair, like skin, ages over the years, becomes finer and more brittle and falls out more.”

Senescent refers to the process of cellular degeneration regardless of whether ageing occurs or not. Ageing is NOT a plausible explanation for hair loss or skin changes through ascending years of life.

Hair Transplants should be the last resort and only Truly work if there is no underlying irreversible androgenic alopecia (ie. male pattern or female pattern balding) or hair or scalp disease. Having a hair transplant in any these circumstances will lead to more consistent patches of hair loss appearing, till the point where one will have to have repeated hair transplants over and over again. In the end there will be irregular hair growth patterns on the scalp and permanent hair loss in scattered places, that if one had to resort to shaving their scalp, the hair stubble growth will be totally uneven all over the scalp affecting its aesthetic appearance permanently.

The Hair Transplant industry is unregulated, including in the UK and there are any places that operate illegally with no legitimately trained professionals who are trained in also assessing and treating the medical health of hair and scalp conditions/disease.

The most common cause of hair loss across all ages and genders is stress, followed by nutritional deficiencies.

Highly Disfiguring Causes of Hair Loss, Scalp and Skin Damage Worldwide: Fake cosmetic/aesthetic procedures including the use of fake/illegal/toxic/unregulated products in the ‘Botox and Filler industry’ including the use of highly disfiguring compounds known as ‘Synthol’ and Silicone. Illegal handheld aesthetic devices and machines, designed to eliminate things such as blemishes, scars, remove moles, irregular pigmentation and comedones - that ANYONE can purchase cheaply on sites such as Alibaba and Amazon and Ebay to use at home. These have been produced and sold under the pretence that they will replicate the results of in salon/ in clinic aesthetic and cosmetic procedures but as evidenced on platforms such as Youtube, it is clear that the frequencies that these devices operate at actually permanently disfigure and scar skin. Lumps/Moles on the skin should be assessed by a Registered and Licensed Doctor/Dermatologist first because they could actually be benign or cancerous tumours and may require further specialist treatment. Also, Most Importantly, if these are in fact skin tumours, they have a root embedded in the skin/area of wider induration that may be cancerous and also require a wider diameter/depth of excision. Skin Cancers can often be missed this way, and if lumps and moles are removed at home without a definite diagnosis of being completely benign then this can lead to the development of metastatic cancer potentially limiting treatment options. The frequencies and intensity of all cosmetic and aesthetic devices used in salon/ in clinic can also be too high which can permanently disfigure and scar skin and maim peoples’ confidence and self esteem. Check the settings first and test run in an inconspicuous place on the body before you try ANY procedure at home/in house. An infiltration of caustic soda, and acids like hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid secretly put into hair and skin products, and cosmetics in major commercial brands as well as high street and drug store brands that are designed to destroy peoples’ hair and skin, maiming their confidence and self esteem. Such agents will not appear or be identifiable on the labels and are deliberately left off. Most of these products come from India/Pakistan. The UK Markets are completely flooded with pointless beauty, cosmetic, skin and hair products which do not work. There is too much overwhelming choice on every shelf, and the majority of these products no matter how inexpensive or expensive have been damaging your skin via causing acne, worsening signs of ageing such as mattifying products, and worsening inflammation. Many products infiltrating from South Asian/Indian production houses marketed with a Westernised Brand Name are actually labelled in a way to make you think you can use such products to treat certain dermatological symptoms, when in fact you need medical attention or even to actually treat an underlying bacterial and fungal infection or parasitic/mite infestation. Leprosy, and another form of Plague (not necessarily Bubonic) are ongoing outbreaks that have been documented Worldwide, yet the UK has been told in recent years that ‘there is no risk to the UK’ without any risk assessment. With the lack of border travel restrictions to limit the outbreak of COVID-19 and Monkeypox, there has been no continual Due Analysis to assess the current UK situation on new contagious diseases owing to the fact of incorrect diagnoses, lack of training to recognise the signs of such outbreaks (many healthcare professionals will not have identified Leprosy or the Plague before) and lack of knowledge that TB in the UK can also affect the skin leading to TB Leprosy. Sanitation is worsening in the UK because of living conditions in cramped, overcrowded buildings in dire state of repair with major mould and damp issues that can lead to fungal spores within the lungs. IT IS OBVIOUS THERE IS AN OUTBREAK OF PLAGUE + TB LEPROSY IN THE UK, THE SYMPTOMS + CLINICAL PICTURE OF WHICH ARE BEING CONFUSED WITH MONKEYPOX AND OTHER VIRAL PICTURES The Main Problems WORLDWIDE are: FAKE DOCTORS and FAKE SURGEONS operating ILLEGALLY all over the world, perhaps with no real baseline medical degree whether they did the training or not to completion. Apparently a ‘PhD’ can serve the same as a medical degree (which should be formally be an MBBS in the UK) to obtain registration whether or not the ‘Academic’ doctorate even bears any relation to a medical discipline. Worldwide, medical qualifications like an MD can be used to enter ‘Board Certification’ but does not actually certify to the public that a Medical Doctor/Surgeon whose care they are under is actually ‘Registered with a Licence to Practice Medicine’, a certification of which should evidence the baseline to ensure that the recognised healthcare professional has actually been fully trained through medical education of a minimum length (normally 5 years in the UK if undergraduate) and conducted clinical training throughout their said medical degree and their post-degree varied foundation practice/residency to learn the basics of good medical practice and clinical healthcare and management. An MD does not necessarily mean a medical degree, you can get an MD in homeopathy. Who Checks That These Documents Are Even Real? WHY IS THE CONTENT OF UNIVERSITY DEGREES BEING DUMBED DOWN TO SUIT THE INTELLECT OF ILLITERATE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO SPREAD FALLACY ACROSS THE WORLD? WHY IS THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE ONLINE BEING ADULTERATED WITH ILLITERATE SPELLCHECKING AND ‘GRAMMARLY’ THAT CREATE PREDICTED AVERAGE SENTENCES FOR PEOPLE WHO USE THESE PLATFORMS WITH NO REAL MEANING OR VALUE? WHY ARE SO MANY STUDENTS WORLDWIDE PAYING PEOPLE/COMPANIES TO WRITE THEIR UNIVERSITY DEGREE COURSEWORK??? The foundations of clinical practice should preclude further specialist training, then further sub-specialist training if deemed of interest. There is no worldwide standard of medical education and training consistent across all countries/states let alone within countries/states, to ensure that every medical school or university offering a medical programme worldwide is of an inherent and optimal standard to ensure that every medical professional worldwide are trained to at least a minimum standard of safe, ethical and compassionate practice. Many countries worldwide do not even have their own standard of membership training, rather than just being board certified, a UK fully trained medical professional that has completed specialist training should go through intense, rigorous training to gain Membership of The Medical/ Surgical Royal Colleges. However even the standard of this is not clear across the UK. In the UK, The MRCP qualification was notoriously the hardest qualification to obtain split into 2 written exams and 1 clinical exam needed to gain Membership of The Royal College of Physicians, in order to complete a baseline of intermediate skills and training before one can practice as a Medical Registrar in further medical specialist training in a hospital/secondary care. It takes 8 years of clinical training post foundation training/residency to become a Specialist Consultant in the UK. Sadly, this prestigious medical qualification has been downgraded to be the equivalent of a ‘diploma' in some Royal Colleges, yet its complexity and degree of inherent difficulty to pass the exams bears no resemblance to a typical diploma. The Royal College of General Practitioners award an MRCGP qualification to those who go through GP training in the UK, and consists of a written examination based on primary care presentation of every medical and surgical speciality across all spectrums of human health across all ages; and by no doubt, the hardest clinical exam to pass worldwide because it consists of a communication assessment based on simulated patient scenarios or real life patient consultation recordings that encompasses every life spectrum of possible patient problems/medical dilemmas across all community medical/surgical specialities. This is not awarded as a Diploma. The Royal College of GPs award this as a Postgraduate Medical Qualification in its own right known by the name of MRCGP. The internet displays many websites referring to The Royal College of Physicians. But why so many? RCP London state that on their website that they consist of ‘3’ Royal Colleges within the UK, “The Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians, based in the UK and with international reach, is a collaboration between the three UK royal colleges of physicians: the RCP (, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh ( and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. FOREIGN DOCTORS AND FOREIGN INSTITUTIONS ARE DEVALUING INHERENT UK EDUCATION/QUALIFICATIONS/DEGREES WITH THE EMERGENCE OF FAKE COLLEGES/INSTITUTIONS/NEW FAKE MEDICAL SCHOOLS SIMPLIFYING THE MEDICAL CURRICULUM UK NATIONALS WORK LONGER HOURS AND HAVE A LOWER SUCCESS RATE IN ACCESSING HIGHER EDUCATION “The three Royal Colleges of Physicians in the UK share a common membership examination in general medicine: the Membership of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom ‘Diploma’ whereby, “Successful candidates who pass all three parts are eligible to apply for the award of the MRCP(UK) Diploma”. CONFUSINGLY, The Royal College of Physicians award membership to the RCP from as little as £4 per month, which may appear confusing to the members of the public because The Most Revered True Membership of The Royal College of Physicians of the UNITED KINGDOM is awarded as MRCP(UK) to show a UK trained Doctor has gone through the rigorous training and checks relevant to clinical training conducted in a hospital and passed their MRCP exams, not just shown as a monthly subscription. MRCP(UK) is the minimum requirement to work as a Medical Registrar in any given medical hospital specialty. They must go through further clinical training and pass a Specialty Certificate Exam to gain a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT). Specialty Certificate Examination is now a compulsory component of assessment for Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) for all UK trainees whose specialist training began in or after August 2007. The Real MRCP(UK) examinations and awards pertaining to those practicing in England, Glasgow and Edinburgh can be found on this Direct MRCPUK Website ( and NOT via the Royal College of Physicians Websites attributed to that of London, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. The Misleading £4 basic membership at the RCP London can be obtained here ( NB. Having Said, Membership to a Royal College of Physicians and/or Surgeons in England/Glasgow/Edinburgh does not pertain that the identified professional actually has an MRCP/FRCS qualification, obtained by passing every exam, no matter how many times they may have failed it, as many highly capable Doctors may have multiple attempts to reach the standard set by such Inherently Notoriously Difficult exams if in True Format.

The Royal College of Physicians in Ireland have their Own MRCP Examination system and AWARD MRCPI. “Training doctors to become world-class specialists is at the heart of what we do in the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. Our examinations are internationally recognised benchmarks of excellence, valued by healthcare employers worldwide”.

The RCPI’s MRCPI examination and certification is not however, recognised by the General Medical Council UK yet, only by the Medical Council of Ireland and The Rest of The Whole World.

Whereas, many Doctors claiming to be Internationally trained can work in the UK with GMC Registration and a Licence To Practice Medicine who hold no MRCPUK or MRCPI qualifications and do not intend to do any formal UK training in a registered programme to meet the UK/Ireland’s standards of healthcare and clinical skills, management and communication skills. Surgical training begins with 2 years’ core surgical training where MRCS exams are needed to progress to further specialist surgical training over 6 years. The Royal College of Surgeons have bases in England, Ireland, Glasgow and Edinburgh. The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland is the only Royal College in the UK to offer their OWN National Surgical Training Programme (NSTP) over 8 years via post-graduate surgical/specialist surgical/surgical fellowship/international scholarship training programmes. This is the Best and Most Thorough, Surgical Training Programme in the UK and Worldwide with a clearly defined structure because they have their own highly revered MRCS (Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons) qualification conducted over a series of examinations, and on completion of core surgical training an award of a Certificate of Completion of Core Surgical Training (CCST) is given to trainees. The Irish MRCS exam can also be conducted internationally but has no affiliation with the rest of the UK’s MRCS exam. The four Surgical Royal Colleges of Great Britain and Ireland (Edinburgh, England, Glasgow and Ireland) offer a suite of Intercollegiate Fellowship Examinations for the surgical community in Ireland, the UK and internationally. ( Trainee Surgeons go on to develop intermediate and advanced specialist skills in their surgical field of choice, covering elective and emergency surgeries. During the last two years of surgical training in Ireland, Surgeons develop further Sub-Specialist training, complete their FRCS exams to gain Intercollegiate Fellowship of The Royal College of Surgeons with the rest of the UK. A Final award of Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Surgical Training (CSCST) is given to work as a Consultant Surgeon in their Specialist Field across the UK, and Internationally. The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland is the ONLY Highly Specialist Surgical Training Programme in the World to offer 2 unique awards, the CCST (not offered in the the rest of the UK after Core Surgical Training) and the CSCST defined by the inclusion of the ‘Satisfactory’ Standard needed to become a Consultant Surgeon. The rest of the UK offers an award of Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) after surgical training done through a Core/Specialist training programme, or through an alternative non formal surgical training route known as the Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration – Combined Programme (CESR (CP)) which is for Doctors who want to practice as a Consultant Surgeon on the Specialist Register in the UK but have either conducted part of their medical/surgical training abroad, or have worked as a Consultant Surgeon abroad but do not have the relevant qualifications that match the UK Standard of Medical Education and Training, and are recognised by the GMC to obtain a Licence to Practice in the UK. Candidates for the CESR - CP award have to evidence that they have gained the full equivalent medical training to that obtained by a UK trained Consultant via the traditional CCT/CSCST route, and this is assessed and awarded by the GMC. Health Education England states that the “alternative certificate of core surgical training for entry into a surgical specialty will be awarded a Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration – Combined Programme (CESR (CP)) rather than a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) upon successful completion of their higher specialty training programme.” as evidenced by their website, which according to Google has not been updated since 2013. Reference: The CESR-CP route to Specialist Registration can be awarded this way in the UK for any medical/surgical/GP specialty, but it does not confer subjects to work anywhere abroad with this qualification. The Royal College of Surgeons of England is an independent professional body and ‘registered charity’ who state on their website “As the largest provider of surgical exams in the UK, we run an extensive range of postgraduate exams for surgical and dental professionals at every stage of their career. The quality assurance of RCS exams - both in the UK and internationally - ensures we uphold the highest standards of surgical practice.” ( The Royal College of Surgeons of England offer the following 4 surgically acclaimed awards: 1. Diploma in Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (DO-HNS), Part 1 of which is a two-hour multiple choice exam - I am not sure if I would want someone to ‘operate on my head’ if they have only spent two hours selecting the right answer as part of gaining an award on something so highly complex. 2. Intercollegiate MRCS. 3. “Intercollegiate specialty fellowship examinations (JCEI).. offered by the four royal surgical colleges (England, Edinburgh, Glasgow and (APPARENTLY) Ireland).” - Please see the Complete Guide to Ireland’s Surgical Training Programme as mentioned above. 4. JSCFE

DUE DILIGENT BACKGROUND CHECK 3: JSCFE “You will need the following to make your application: Debit/Credit Card Medical Qualification - year/country obtained MRCS – month/year obtained Three signed Structured References (pdf format) Curriculum Vitae (pdf format) Operative Summary (pdf format) Photocopy of your passport (pdf format) Pearson VUE test centre - you will be asked to select your preferred test centre location from a drop-down option list” It is important to note that for this highly revered qualification which, as you will read next, is not recognised anywhere in the UK/Ireland because it does not match the quality or safety standards of the Notorious Surgical Specialty Exams, MRCS and FRCS, that are an integral part of UK/Ireland's Formal Surgical Training to obtain a CCT in England, Glasgow and Edinburgh, and DUAL CCST/CSCST in Ireland. All Doctors can obtain with a JSCFE is a CESR qualification which is only recognised by the GMC to work as a licensed Doctor/Surgeon/GP in the UK. THE CESR IS NOT RECOGNISED ANYWHERE OUTSIDE OF THE UK WORLDWIDE AS A LEGITIMATE QUALIFICATION TO WORK AS ANY TYPE OF CONSULTANT/GP (as discussed with the GMC in 2020) AND THEREFORE HAS NO EQUIVALENT WEIGHTING OUTSIDE OF THE UK TO THE WORLD RENOWNED, CCT and Dual CCST/CSCST Award. The Application is Relatively Straightforward for a JSCFE though, the number one prerequisite being a Debit/Credit Card. The JSCFE is administered by the Joint Committee on Intercollegiate Examinations on behalf of the four Surgical Royal Colleges (Edinburgh, England, Glasgow & Ireland). The JSCFE runs in parallel with the UK and Ireland Intercollegiate Specialty Fellowship Examinations but prospective candidates should note that the two suites of examinations are not equivalent. It is only Intercollegiate Specialty Examinations that are regulated by the General Medical Council (GMC) and it is therefore only the Intercollegiate Specialty Examinations that are recognised by the GMC and Medical Council in Ireland as the test of knowledge within the approved UK/Ireland surgical curricula. As such, success in an Intercollegiate Specialty Examination may be used by applicants for a Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR) to demonstrate knowledge equivalent to that of a holder of a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT). Any other test of knowledge (including JSCFE) presented within a CESR application must be accompanied by a portfolio of further evidence of knowledge to demonstrate equivalence to a CCT holder. The specialty-specific guidance on the GMC website has further details. “The JSCFE suite was launched in 2012 and specialty-specific examinations currently exist for the following surgical disciplines:
Cardiothoracic Surgery General Surgery Neurosurgery Otolaryngology Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery Urology” “The JSCFE will assess applied knowledge and clinical skills TO THE SAME STANDARD as the UK and Ireland Intercollegiate Specialty Examinations (the day 1 UK/Ireland Consultant in the generality of the specialty) but as mentioned above the two examinations ARE NOT VIEWED AS EQUIVALENT by the UK and Ireland regulatory bodies. The JSCFE is aimed at surgeons in the international community who are about to, or who have recently completed their training and who wish to continue their careers in countries other than the UK or Ireland.” It is Reassuring to know that this JSCFE award is no where near the EQUIVALENT STANDARD to the UK AND IRELAND’S REGULATORY BODIES’ STANDARD that GOVERN THE INTERCOLLEGIATE SPECIALTY EXAMINATIONS ie. MRCS and FRCS. If it is NOT VIEWED AS EQUIVALENT IT CANNOT REQUIRE THE SAME LEVEL OF HIGHLY SPECIALIST SURGICAL KNOWLEDGE AND CLINICAL APPLICATION AS THE MRCS AND FRCS AWARDS even if they claim “PROMOTING SURGICAL EXCELLENCE” on their main website page, of unknown standards. In contrast, Ireland’s National Surgical Specialty Training Programme and FRCS Examinations encompass: Cardiothoracic Surgery General Surgery Neurosurgery Ophthalmic Surgery Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Paediatric Surgery Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery Urology Vascular Surgery .. To a HIGHLY ADVANCED SPECIALIST STANDARD. Any other UK Intercollegiate Royal Surgical College may feel free to comment on what the FRCS Exam entails “Success in both JSCFE Section 1 and Section 2 will permit ‘AFFILIATION’ to one of the four Surgical Royal Colleges of Great Britain and Ireland and, with effect from January 2023, the use of the post-nominal IntFRCS (College) as long as the annual College subscription ‘in' maintained. This revised post nominal distinguishes the qualification from success in an Intercollegiate Specialty Examination.” THE JOINT SURGICAL COLLEGES FELLOWSHIP EXAMINATION LITERALLY HAVE STATED ON THEIR WEBSITE THAT THE JSCE and JSCFE DO NOT EVEN MATCH THE EQUIVALENT OF THE UK & IRELAND’S SURGICAL STANDARDS OF A TRUELY INHERENT FRCS EXAMINATION AND AWARD. How can they use a post-nominal title of ‘intfrcs’? How can 2 of the "four Surgical Royal Colleges”, Glasgow and Edinburgh, be in "GREAT BRITAIN”?! A post-nominal “College” Title cannot simply bear the same weighting as a Title gained at University surely? The Future “intfrcs (college)” post-nominal title will certainly distinguish the post nominal “qualification from success in an Intercollegiate Specialty Examination” because it will hold No Inherent Value, Nor will it be Ever be Recognised in the UK let alone Ireland and will certainly signify being UNSUCCESSFUL IN ACHIEVING A TRUE ORIGINAL FRCS TITLE. This is further evidenced by the Joint Surgical Colleges Fellowship Examination Website that states “It is only UK Intercollegiate Specialty Examinations that are regulated by the General Medical Council (GMC) and it is therefore only the Intercollegiate Specialty Examinations that are recognised by the GMC and Medical Council in Ireland as the test of knowledge within the approved UK/Ireland surgical curricula.” Reference: (

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh also offer these Apparently Equivalent Qualifications, stating: “The Joint Committee on Intercollegiate Examinations (JCIE) is responsible, in line with statutory requirements of the GMC Postgraduate Board, to the four Surgical Royal Colleges of Great Britain and Ireland, for the supervision of standards, policies, regulations and professional conduct of the UK/Ireland Specialty Fellowship Examinations across all ten surgical specialties.” “On passing the exam you are eligible for election as a fellow to any of the four Surgical Royal Colleges (the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, the Royal College of Surgeons of England, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow or the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland), after which you are entitled to use the colleges’ associated post-nominals (FRCS (College).” Reference: (

DUE DILIGENT BACKGROUND CHECK 4: JCEI JCIE do mention the same 10 surgical specialities that All Surgical Specialist Trainees in Ireland train in to become a World Renowned and World Class Surgeon, however their assessment is based on “Computer Based Testing (CBT)”. Perhaps JCIE fellows will know how to configure Windows 10 and write a Due Diligent Surgical Outpatient letter instead of getting their PA to do it. If you would like to work for the JCIE, you can apply to write their Surgical Examination Questions for Part 1. All you need is a GCSE in IT. Reference: “Advertisement for Membership to the Panel of Question Writers for Section 1 Intercollegiate Specialty Examinations”

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow state that the MRCS examination depicted on their website is an intercollegiate examination run jointly with the other Colleges of Surgeons in Great Britain and Ireland ( which is awarded as a ‘Diploma’ rather than what is inherently known as a revered stand alone Award with the Post-Nominal Title ‘MRCS’. The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland do not award a ‘diploma’. The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow state that the FRCS (Fellowship of The Royal College of Surgeons) is the Exit Exam to gain the Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) to practice as a UK trained Consultant Surgeon in a particular surgical specialty. ( The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow offer an intercollegiate membership with The Royal Colleges of Physicians in England and Edinburgh, to offer a Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons UK Status. The Glasgow edition “welcomes members from around the world within every medical specialty”. The prerequisites to become a member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow as a Consultant Physician ‘or equivalent’ is to pass MRCP, and work in a substantive (or locum) consultant post with a minimum 5 years post MRCP(UK) experience and be on the GMC Specialist Register. However they state that the same membership can be obtained if those working as consultant physicians/ the apparent ‘equivalent’, have not passed MRCP but are on the GMC specialist register and have a “Min 10 years’ experience as specialist doctor”. This probably would have to be done via the SAS or CESR route or the many stand alone non training posts available across all specialties. (

This may have sounded confusing, but once a doctor has decided on which membership they would like to subscribe to and after checking that they fulfil the eligibility criteria, they can then find the registration page and open an account where it states “You do not need to be a member of the College in order to register.” and “After you have registered an account, you will be able to:.. Pay your subscriptions”. Membership starts from as little as £37 to be an AFFILIATE. The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow also offers membership to ‘Podiatric Medicine’ formally known as Podiatry or to as some, Chiropody.

The route to becoming a qualified, fully trained and GMC registered with a licence to practice as a Consultant Surgeon in the UK, to an Optimal Safe Standard may seem confusing as depicted by the information given by The Royal College of Surgeons on various websites. Thankfully, a website known as The Savvy IMG, renowned on giving advice to International Medical Graduates to working as a doctor in the UK can clarify this further. “The work of a General Surgeon varies widely. It covers surgery involving the gastrointestinal tract from the oesophagus to the anus, organ transplants, breasts, and trauma. Most General Surgeons in the UK subspecialise in one specific area, but they must maintain general skills as they typically participate in the emergency surgical services”. Reference:

However, there are alternative routes to working as a Consultant Surgeon or Physician in the UK, mainly for those that started their training internationally and do not yet have a formally recognised UK medical/surgical post graduate qualification. One can become a fully qualified Consultant Physician/Surgeon via the SAS route if they partake in the CESR, and they can also Work in the UK if they Obtain GMC REGISTRATION AND A LICENCE TO PRACTICE MEDICINE IN THE UK.

SAS doctors should be distinguished from Associate Specialists in the UK. Formally and Originally the Term ‘Associate Specialist’ was applied to Doctors who went through non formal specialist career training in the UK but worked their way up the Staff Grade Ladder for many years till they achieved the Level of an Associate Specialist, a Highly Trained Doctor in any given Specialty which on a non training grade, is just below the level of a Qualified Consultant, with much Valuable Skill and Experience who served their Diligent Time in the NHS. Now the Term “SAS” is applied to UK or International Doctors who want to work in the UK, and can do so in a Specialty Doctor Post known as ‘SAS’. SAS Doctors have many grades and they can start from the Due Equivalent of an SHO in a UK Medical/Surgical Specialty because the minimum requirement to work as a SAS Doctor in the UK is 4 years post-graduate experience, 2 of which should be in a Specialty that the Doctor applies to work as a SAS Doctor in. The Term ‘SAS Doctor’ has now been deployed to now include Associate Specialists within that bill and there is no way of distinguishing between the grades. SAS Doctors offer accessibility to work in any given field and offer a way to become a certified UK Consultant via the CESR route if approval is granted by the GMC. In the UK an Associate Specialist can Apparently work as a ‘Locum Consultant’ in any given field even though they have not been trained to a UK Consultant Physician/Surgeon Standard. According to the BMA, “Many SAS doctors already work on consultant rotas or provide cover for more senior colleagues.” Reference: This may Baffle fellow patients and their loved ones if they are seen and consulted under the guise that they are meant to be seen and consulted by a Consultant, which one would expect if the SAS doctor is supposedly fulfilling a Consultant Role with No Equivalence in training, skill or knowledge and No Equivalence to their senior colleagues with Non-existent much needed support and supervision. The Royal College of Psychiatrists state that “A significant number of doctors working within psychiatry are neither consultants nor trainees.” nor even ‘Fully trained as a Psychiatrist with a Legitimate Medical Degree’ according to a Due Diligence Analysis of claimants poiseing as GMC Registered GMC Doctors with an acclaimed Licence to Practice Medicine, the origin of their training somewhere in this Universe can probably only be detected and located by Elon Musk’s unique satellites floating around in the not too far near distant future. Reference: The Royal College of Physicians (RCP London) state “The SAS grade comprises specialist doctors, specialty doctors, associate specialists, staff grades, hospital practitioners, clinical assistants, senior clinical medical officers, clinical medical officers and long-term locally employed doctors.” Reference: Hospital practitioners and clinical assistants are NOT EVEN TRAINED DOCTORS but they could be Acting as a Doctor. Senior clinical medical officers and clinical medical officers are doctors who ‘manage patients’ on clinical trials whereby if any medical emergency arises on their Job, they need to Alert the Local On-Call Medical Registrar and admit the Individual to the Local Nearest Hospital’s Medical Emergency Assessment Unit for Inspection. According to the Association of Anaesthetists: “Within the world of medical careers, it is fairly easy to define a trainee or a consultant, and it is likely that if you are either of these things, your work ID badge will say so, and reflect your level of experience. However, doctors who are neither consultants nor trainees make up 20% of the workforce [1] and have a wide range of job titles. Many members of this group would identify themselves as ‘SAS’ doctors, but very few will have an ID badge that says this.” Reference:

Apparently Anaesthetists think an “I.D. badge” proves you are a Doctor or Registered Healthcare Professional. How very unusual that you can just create and design any given ‘STAFF I.D. CARD’ according to many websites such as: NB. Apparently up until 19/06/22 20:56 Photo I.D. cards could be used as documents to obtain a UK passport.


The STAFF AND ASSOCIATE SPECIALIST SURGEONS: GUIDE ON REVALIDATION quote some common problems with the GMC Revalidation of SAS Surgeons: “Lack of engagement of SAS surgeons in the appraisal process. Results of repeated organisational 'selfassessment’ exercises by the NHS Revalidation Support Team showed consistently lower participation levels by SAS doctors compared to consultant doctors. Lack of understanding of the appraisal process. Poor quality of local appraisal processes. Very small numbers of SAS surgeons having received appraiser training. Consultant appraisers are often not familiar with the specific challenges.” Federation of Surgical Specialty Associations | The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh The Royal College of Surgeons of England | The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow





ODE TO SOCIETY: As hair loss is a highly sensitive issue affecting individuals across all spectrum of life that can instill feelings of embarrassment, shame, confidence issues and lead to social ostricisation, stigma and bullying, it is Unlawful and Unethical to Name or Identify any individual with any health condition which includes that affecting skin/hair/scalp/cosmetic/aesthetic appearance in any form of Publication without first authorised and informed consent from that named individual. This is an Illegal Breach of Confidentiality and can serve as Defamation of the specified individual(s)/parties with no reason of Public Interest that holds real value without Due Legitimate and Accurate Enquiry into the True Underlying reason that precludes the specified condition. In any instance, Public Authorities including that of the media have a duty to dispel myths and conduct their Due Diligent checks on the information about health problems/conditions/disease mentioned in their said articles if they deem it essential to focus an article pertaining to this, as deemed In Best Interests of the Public albeit the Best Interests of Public Health.

The Sole Purpose of this Public Comment is to dispel the damaging information and advice portrayed in society and healthcare misinformation, and complete mismanagement of hair and scalp conditions/disease by the hair and medical and industry that are in large, completely reversible, that have plagued social media and media publications that may have caused harm to individuals whether that be personally or financially via misinformation.

Due Diligence Check: None of the Doctors mentioned in this article have a GMC Registration or Licence to Practice Medicine in the UK @ Thurs 2nd June 2022 12:51 unless of course they potentially might be practising under a different name and licence on the register.

Disclaimer: All quotes stated in this Expert Analysis Report that are highlighted in “speech marks” are a Direct Extraction from Said Websites’ Copy as evidenced @ Friday 3 June 2022 00:59. I Hereby, hold no responsibility for the exact information provided by all of these online sources demonstrated as Direct Quotes from Said Websites including their spelling/grammar mistakes. Word Count 7604

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